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AC Mauger Construction News | Scafftag introduced

Scafftag introduced


Safer scaffold system introduced

AC Mauger Construction has introduced a new scaffolding safety inspection system at its Lakeside Care Home site in St Peter.

The system has been introduced as a further progressive step towards improving safety on building sites.

AC Mauger Construction Managing Director Joe Kent said: ‘We are continually looking for ways to improve health and safety standards on our sites. It is hoped that if the introduction of this system proves successful then other contractors and scaffold firms may follow our lead. The goal has to be improving safety across not only our sites but the island as a whole,’ said Mr Kent.

Together with sub-contractors Harsco Infrastructure, AC Mauger have introduced a system called Scafftag at the site. The system involves tagging the scaffold in an explicit and simple way which makes it clear whether the scaffold has been inspected and is safe to use. The tagging also has an expiry date and has to be updated every seven days.

Health and Safety Consultant for AC Mauger Dave Ward said that the system allowed workers on the site to see immediately whether the scaffold had been safety checked without having to visit the site office each time. Mr Ward said that the system encouraged better quality of work by making the firms responsible for the safe maintenance of the scaffold.

‘This is an established system in the UK and it is good to see companies are now beginning to use it in Jersey. Harsco introduced the system at Lakeside at the request of AC Mauger and it is good to see the Island’s firms taking the initiative to raise the safety standards on sites,’ he said.