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Style Group News | AC Mauger recognised at the “Design Awards 2006”

AC Mauger recognised at the “Design Awards 2006”



After the recent success at the construction awards, AC Mauger have gone on to receive two coveted commendation awards in the Jersey Design Awards 2006, under the category of “Best Large Scale Development” for our two projects “Magnolia Villa and Magnolia Apartments” and “Checkers Red Houses Store (Genesis III) “.

Managing Director, David Cobbett, said that “this was another proud moment for AC Mauger and is further recognition for all those within the company who played such a vital role in these developments.  They are both outstanding buildings and this recognition is a testament for all those involved from the Design team all the way through to the people on site. They represent the culmination of several years hard work and determination, that was driven by teamwork and a desire to provide a certain level of excellence.”