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Style Group News | Award winning AC Mauger

Award winning AC Mauger


AC Mauger were delighted to be announced winners of the Health & Safety Award category at the 2015 JeCC Constructions Awards 2015 on Saturday 10 October.

AC Mauger showed their outstanding commitment to health and safety with their innovative Vision Zero initiative - a programme designed to embed health and safety within the hearts and minds of everyone who works for AC Mauger and with AC Mauger, extending throughout the Style Group companies.

James Joseph, Managing Director at AC Mauger explains that "Vision Zero is a lot more than a programme, it is an attempt at changing attitudes and beliefs. We want everyone who works on our sites, whether they are direct employees, contractors or temporary site visitors to believe in their hearts that an accident-free, injury-free construction site is not only possible but can be an everyday reality. This means that Vision Zero must be about a lot more than short-term awareness, we want it to bring about deep cultural change."

AC Mauger has always had a robust Health and Safety Management System and this has been enhanced to deliver the Vision Zero programme. Implementation required employees and contractors to become aware of how health and safety impacts them and others around them whilst conducting work activities on site and crucially, the immediate results were emphatic. The approach led to a rapid change in attitudes with employees embracing health and safety as a personal responsibility and an integral part of daily site activities.

"Vision Zero’s results have been outstanding" says James, "the programme itself has quickly become the principal foundation of AC Mauger’s company culture and a strong component of our reputation and brand across the Channel Islands. Our clients have embraced the concept and respect the fact that Vision Zero demonstrates the company’s commitment to excellence in Health & Safety. We are delighted that this has been recognised by the Jersey Construction Council" he added.