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Style Group News | Phase 3 - Clos de Paradis
Style Group News | Phase 3 - Clos de Paradis

Phase 3 - Clos de Paradis


Work is due to commence on Phase 3 of the Clos de Paradis project for Clos de Paradis Trust.

This latest phase will include the refurbishment of six houses and a further four new build properties.

Once again, AC Mauger will working hard to ensure that services and access is maintained to the many residents of the housing estate, whilst carrying out substantial retaining wall works and other external works along with further infrastructure works.

Most of the resdents of Clos de Paradis will already be familiar with Tim Marsh, AC Mauger Project Manager, who will once again be the point of contact. Tim always ensures his site office is available for residents to visit and meet with him to discuss any issues or concerns.

“It is important to us that the tenants know that the project team had the same end goals and ethos as they do” he says, “we will all be working on this latest phase to ensure that the project continues to run smoothly and that the end result once again provides a much improved living environment.”