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Maritime House


Style Office were delighted to be selected to work with Jersey Property Holdings on the refurbishment of Maritime House as part of the overall States of Jersey office accommodation strategy.

The project involved the relocation of Harbours Department staff to offices at the Airport, freeing up space in Maritime House to be refurbished. Style Office were tasked with increasing the occupancy of the building using efficient space planning, centralization of resources and the introduction of more flexible work settings. As a result, Property Holdings were able to consolidate from three sites into Maritime House alongside existing occupants – Customs & Immigration.

The project is part of the overall strategy to reduce the amount of office space occupied by States departments with the aim that space released will make a significant contribution to the supply of sites available for housing.

During the tender selection process we were called upon to demonstrate our experience of reducing capital expenditure and ongoing running costs, improving workflow efficiency, reducing resource utilization and improving the population of space in office environments.

Upon selection through tender, Style Office worked closely with Property Holdings to assess the maximum numbers that could be accommodated in the building with the introduction of more open plan work space, desk sharing, flexible meeting space and consolidation of storage.

In partnership with our global furniture manufacturer Steelcase we were also able to present our expertise in working environments and work patterns. Property Holdings were introduced to different furniture products and options that would better suit their working practises and assist in increasing capacity whilst working in harmony with the building.

Mock-up workstations, seating ranges and storage options were set up and presented to user groups and evaluated to consider which would suit best the working needs of all the different teams to be accommodated in the building.

The end result is a working environment that makes best use of the building, providing a combination of fixed workstations and hot desking for mobile workers in predominately open plan space. We have introduced flexible, acoustic and informal meeting spaces, used storage to divide work zones and provided standing height laying out space for plans and consultation with consolidated printer/copier areas.

The project is a good example of how Property Holdings is making better use of States office accommodation and has delivered a 34% increase in the occupancy of Maritime House.

We understand that the States of Jersey wish to use the Maritime House project as a benchmark for the future procurement of furniture and services.