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Langtry House


Langtry House is a period townhouse in a terrace in La Motte Street, St Helier that is now converted into six apartments.

The works on the house included complete gutting of the interior and replacing three floor within the front and rear retained facades and construction of a new build extension to the rear of the property. The works also included fit out to completion of all the apartments including bathrooms and kitchens.

The project was not an uncomplicated one as sequencing was required to ensure that the adjoining walls of the terrace houses either side of the property were supported throughout the renovations. This was a complicated engineering procedure that Special Projects carried out in association with consultants Rothwells.

As the property is located on a busy public street, there needed to be careful coordination of all deliveries of materials to site via the rear access and all craning and concreting in had to be carried out via a neighbouring property.

Communication was key to the smooth running of the project and regular updates and meetings with architects Morris Architects ensured that the programme maintained momentum.

The project completed in the last quarter of 2010.